CSV (Creating Shared Value)

It is possible to create social value as well as create economic value for corporations

Social Value

SK's Choice, Social Value: SK's New Management Paradigm

From 'AND' group to 'OR' group

  • Responsible Management 1.0

  • Responsible Management 2.0

  • Responsible Management 3.0

The way SK Plasma to proceed

SK Plasma has created economic value by supplying products to the society that can resolve the social issues.
In addition, we will strengthen our competitiveness by anticipating future social problems and preparing solutions in advance.
We will always continue to explore ways in which all stakeholders, such as BP (Business Partner). SE (Social Enterprise) to have sustainable interaction with the community together.

Creating Sustainable Social Value (Maximizing EV + SV / Securing sustainability)
Organization Dimension
SV 추진체계
SV 목표관리
System Improvement
Stakeholder Dimension
SV 전파/확산
SV 내채화
Culture Set
Strategic Direction by Organization
  • *SV : Social Value
  • *EV : Economic Value
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