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Greetings to all,

Thank you for visiting the homepage of SK Plasma.

SK Plasma has grown steadily on the foundation of PDMP (plasma-derived medicinal products) business starting from 1970. In 2015, SK Plasma resolved to build a state-of-the-art plasma fractionation plant and has spun off from SK Chemicals Life Science biz., aiming to improve competitiveness in the global PDMP market.

PDMP treat diseases directly linked to life-or-death matters such as congenital immunodeficiency diseases and hemophilia. Since it is nearly impossible to find a substitute for PDMP, it is listed as ‘Essential Medicine’ designated by WHO so as to meet the needs of all mankind.

By providing the highest quality medicines in a stable manner, SK Plasma not only generates economic value also contributes to creating social value of promoting human health. Furthermore, we are thoroughly demonstrating the excellence of our manufacturing facilities and technology through continuous development of new products, market expansion in both domestic and global, and overseas toll manufacturing and technology transfer.

In addition, we are expanding our business area by investment and cooperation with next generation biotherapeutics companies that are expected to generate business synergy with us. Along with self-technology development, we are conducting joint R&D with the NRDO (No Research Development Only) model. Through the model, we are actively introducing external new drug development and discovering investment opportunities in latest biotechnology to secure innovative pipelines for rare and incurable diseases.

We kindly ask for your continuous interest and encouragement to the new challenges and achievements by ‘warm professionals’ of SK Plasma, aiming to enhance human health by advancing PDMP business and finding solution to rare and incurable diseases.

Thank you.

SK Plasma CEO Seungjoo Kim

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